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Caveman Burgers in Deer Valley

Creating a Burger for the Ages. At Caveman Burgers, we believe civilization got some things right from the very beginning.  Food was simple; no hormones, antibiotics, or fillers. Animals roamed the land, fish swam freely in rivers and oceans, and nature provided, as it was meant to do.

At CMB, chemicals and cages don't feel natural to us. We’ve brought food back to basics by hunting for the highest-quality natural meats. We make it delicious by gathering fresh produce, bold spices, and locally-baked bread.

Here at Caveman Burgers, we are a local burger joint in the Deer Valley area. We have many options that include natural Angus beef, Arizona grass-raised beef, cage-free turkey, and wild caught salmon filet to pair with our many options for toppings and buns. You can create your own custom burger or ask one of our burger experts to create something for you!

Together, we’ll create a burger for the ages. Enjoy!


Here at Caveman Burgers, we pride ourselves on serving natural, grass-fed meat. 

Journey to Burger Perfection

Almost as important where you end up on your journey of life is where you begin, and the journey to create a perfect burger is no exception.

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We offer USDA Certified Natural Black Angus Beef. The Black Angus breed is recognized as superior beef in the cattle industry. Their ability to produce a high-quality beef, with increased marbling, puts Angus beef as a top choice among burger connoisseurs.

Our Wild-Caught Salmon is exactly that - wild. Caught in their native environment and never farmed, everything about our salmon is as nature intended. Wild salmon is naturally higher in protein and lower in fat. Salmon remains a great source of heart-healthy Omega-3s, so you can enjoy your salmon burger with a clear conscience.

Our 100 % grass-fed, 100% grass-finished beef comes from cows born and raised in Arizona.  They are never fed any grains, corn or silage, nor do they spend any time in feed lots.  Managed by cowboys on horseback, the cattle spend their lives foraging for food across thousands of acres of Arizona ranchlands. No pesticides, insecticides, or GMO seeds are ever used on the land where the cattle graze.

Our turkey burgers come from birds that are naturally raised and cage free.  They are fed a vegetarian diet.  Our ground turkey is gluten free with no additives, no animal by-products and no antibiotics ever.

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Just the Way You Like It


Picky about your protein? No problem.
Like lots of toppings? Got it.
Crazy about buns? Yes, we have bun options too.
You know what you like and don’t like, so we’ll provide the ingredients and get out of the way. There are times, however, when you just don’t want to make another decision.  We’ve got you covered! Ask one of our burger experts to create something special for you.


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Eat like a caveman, and let us know what you think!

Hours of Operations: Monday - Sunday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM